The toland family

Meet Lucas....

When I decided to have a baby again Logan was 10. Lucas biological father wanted a baby. I really didn’t. But in the end Lucas was the best choice I ever made! Lucas changed my life forever. While I was pregnant I was told Lucas had achondroplasia and I was nothing but excited. We set a date for planned c section for May 23rd and did ultra sounds every few weeks.

When the day came we were all excited! They took Lucas out of me and rushed him away. They told me they needed to bring Lucas to children’s and I had to stay at the hospital and not go with him since I just had surgery. Anyone who knows me knows well that’s not what happened. I held Lucas for minutes and they took him to Children’s. Few hours later I got in a car and went to Childrens. At Childrens is where the journey began! Our geneticist was Mary and Mike Babler’s grandson Leo’s geneticist. He had just diagnosed Leo with the gawd awful letters of RCDP and confirmed he believed that’s what Lucas had as well. 7 weeks of learning and crying and struggling we went home LOST!!! And days later Lucas’ Bio dad left. Thankfully my best friend and now husband was there in a heartbeat. Peter came and helped every day and 2 years later he adopted Lucas and made him a Toland. He loves that little boy as his own blood.

We have been through a lot, dozens of surgeries and multiple times on life support intubated on a ventilator. I’ve watched Lucas heart stop beating and leave the world more than once. No moment any parent should ever have to go through. But through each battle Lucas has fought his way back to the smiley boy everyone has learned to love. So in the end I know someday I will never hold him again but it goes deeper than that. God gave me him because I needed him to learn. Lucas is a gift that keeps giving and touching lives. So even though this is a tough journey and it’s not easy Lucas has brought hundreds of people into our lives that we would of never met and has made me a better person. As much as I can say I HATE RCDP and wish it on no family I can also say it is a gift of Life and I love my Rhizo Family

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